Here’s how much drivers should expect to get from Uber’s $100 million settlement


On Thursday, Uber agreed to settle a court case brought by drivers in California and Massachusetts for $84 million. If the company goes public at a higher valuation, then it will cough up an extra $16 million, to bring it to $100 million total.

But Uber drivers in the two states shouldn’t expect to see much of it.

Those who have driven at least 25,000 miles and fall under the class action suit should expect around $2,000, which could double to $4,000 if they opted out of the arbitration clause.

But that’s only if 100% of the drivers eligible fill out a claim.

On average, drivers’ attorney Shannon Liss-Riordan calculates, the drivers who drove the most should receive around $8,000.

But, that only applies to around 10,000 drivers.

The more than 122,000 drivers who have driven less than 750 miles should expect an average of $24.

Here’s the full chart from the legal filing, although it assumes a 100% claim rate. For those who opted out of arbitration, the number is doubled.

Uber driver payouts

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