Here's The Big Risk For Uber -- It's Not A Product Like Facebook That Locks You In

Here’s this week’s episode of the “Jay and Farhad Show.” As usual, it’s New York Times tech columnist Farhad Manjoo and myself running through some of the biggest stories in tech this week.

We record this podcast on a weekly basis. You can subscribe to it in iTunes here. You should definitely subscribe. Here’s an RSS link to the show. We use SoundCloud as a host, so you can listen to the show over there, too.

This week we talk about the latest Uber scandal, and Manjoo’s belief that Uber’s culture poses a threat to the company in the long term. We also talk about Luxe, an app that helps you park. And, finally, I have a crazy idea that will never happen to save Samsung.

It’s best if you listen, but to explain the headline… Manjoo argues that Uber is a great service, but it doesn’t have a technological advantage over its big rivals, like Lyft. Its advantage is that it has moved faster than other companies. But when Lyft moves into Uber’s markets, it can successfully win consumers, and it can attract drivers. This isn’t like other tech companies which have tended to be winner takes all.

We recorded this on Wednesday, November 19. Enjoy!

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