Uber is going to rename its 'War Room' the 'Peace Room,' in an effort to detoxify its work culture

Uber is trying to turn a new chapter in its history, and is renaming its “War Room” the “Peace Room,” according to Bloomberg.

On Tuesday, Uber released a 13-page report it had commissioned from Eric Holder, the former US attorney general, and his firm, which sought to evaluate and make recommendations for changes to Uber’s corporate culture.

This investigation, and another by outside law firm Perkins Coie, began several months ago after a former employee, Susan Fowler, alleged in a personal blog post that she was sexually harassed and experienced gender bias during her time at Uber.

In the wake of the Holder report, Uber CEO Travis Kalanick is taking a leave of absence, with no return date specified. But there are a bunch of other changes coming to Uber as well that are more abstract in nature.

“Several of Uber’s planned changes are symbolic,” Bloomberg’s Eric Newcomer wrote. “For example, a conference room known as the War Room will be renamed the Peace Room.”

Uber will also jettison many of its “cultural values.” Here are a few that are getting the axe: “Let Builders Build; Always Be Hustlin’; Meritocracy and Toe-Stepping; and Principled Confrontation.”

“Many of Uber’s 14 cultural values, while well-intended, had been allowed to be weaponised,” board member Arianna Huffington said in a statement. “That’s completely unacceptable.”

This isn’t the first time Huffington has urged Uber to think differently. She has encouraged Kalanick to take up meditation, though he was widely lambasted for doing so in Uber’s lactation room.

Additional reporting by Biz Carson.

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