Uber just doubled its number of completed trips in less than six months

Uber has completed its 2 billionth trip.

The ride-hailing startup announced on Monday that it hit the milestone on June 18th, six months after reaching 1 billion rides.

And it wasn’t just one Uber ride that could claim the milestone.

At 4:16:48 a.m. GMT, a total of 147 trips tied for being Uber’s 2 billionth. The trips happened simultaneously in 16 countries on five continents, and all 147 drivers will receive $450 (which Uber says is synonymous with the number of cities it currently operates in). Each rider will also receive $450 in free Uber rides.

When Uber hit its first milestone, 1 billion rides, in December 2015, it came roughly six years after its founding. It took only six months to double its total trips.

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