6 of the coolest perks we saw while visiting Uber's Manhattan office

You’ve probably heard of (or used) Uber, a network and app that connects riders with nearby drivers — but there’s a good chance you don’t know much about what goes on behind the scenes at the $86 billion San Francisco-based company.

To find out, Business Insider recently visited Uber’s Manhattan office, which employs about 230 people (not including drivers, who are contractors).

As it turns out, the company offers its employees some pretty incredible perks. Here are some of the coolest ones we saw during our tour of the W. 28th Street office:

Dogs are welcome in the office

Hollis Johnson

The day we visited, New York General Manager Josh Mohrer's pup Winston served as one of our tour guides.

Uber provides employees with free catered lunch every day

Hollis Johnson

There's always something for everyone. The daily options include two salads, two sandwiches, two proteins, two side dishes, one carb, and a full salad bar. An Uber spokesperson says the most popular items are the 'brunch for lunch' options, which include scrambled egg whites with scallions, chicken apple sausage, and challah French toast.

Employees have access to fancy gym equipment

Hollis Johnson

Employees can blow off steam by working out during work hours for free. They can hit the punching bag, ellipticals, treadmills, and Peloton bikes throughout the day.

The kitchen is stocked with kegs of beer, iced coffee, and a seasonal rotation of wines

Hollis Johnson

This perk often leads to impromptu happy hours in the evening. 'At six o'clock, you can go in here and hang out,' the spokesperson said. 'It's a really nice community vibe.'

Skateboards and scooters are permitted (and provided)

Hollis Johnson

The Manhattan office occupies a huge 54,000-square-foot space -- so the company has skateboards and scooters around the office that employees are allowed to use to get around.

An incredible view

Hollis Johnson

The Manhattan office sits in the heart of New York's Chelsea neighbourhood, on the west side of the city. All around the office were large windows with beautiful views of the Hudson River.

Can't get enough of Uber's New York office? Check out the Snapchat story of our tour »

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