Uber is the world's largest job creator, adding about 50,000 drivers per month, says board member

Bill gurleyDavid Paul Morris/Bloomberg via Getty ImagesBill Gurley, general partner at Benchmark Capital, speaks during a Bloomberg Television interview at the Goldman Sachs Technology And Internet Conference in San Francisco, California.

Uber is the world’s largest job creator, Uber board member and investor Bill Gurley told Malcolm Gladwell in a discussion at South by Southwest on Sunday.

According to Gurley, Uber has 300,000 drivers and it’s onboarding about 50,000 new drivers per month.

“Uber is probably the largest job creator in [San Francisco],” Gurley said. “I don’t know of another entity that’s adding jobs at that level.”

He adds that the jobs Uber is offering also come with a flexible lifestyle. For example, students can now drive for Uber in their down time to help pay for school.

Of course, Uber’s drivers aren’t actual employees. But it does offer them some income and it’s beginning to offer more benefits. Drivers are only insured by Uber when they’re in the middle of a drive, not during down time.

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