Uber just added a feature Lyft has had for a year

  • Uber announced Thursday it’s introducing the option to add multiple stops to your ride.
  • You can add stops before requesting a ride, or add and remove stops during your trip.
  • Lyft has had this feature since last year.

You can finally add multiple stops to your Uber ride. 

Uber announced in a blog post on Thursday that Uber passengers will now be able to add up to three stops to their trip before requesting a ride. 

To access the new feature, tap “Where to?” in the app, then tap the plus button on the right.

There will also be the option to change your route while you’re riding. You can add or remove a stop, then the driver will automatically receive updated directions. 

Here’s a look at how it works in real time:

The multiple-stops feature is a convenient one, but it’s something Lyft passengers have been able to use for about a year now — Lyft announced it was adding multiple stops in August 2016, and it officially went live in November 2016.

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