Uber messaged users about its sexism scandal after they tried to delete their accounts

Travis KalanickTED ConferenceUber CEO Travis Kalanick.

Some US users who deleted their Uber accounts in the last couple of days have received a message from the company about its ongoing sexism scandal.

The message references allegations of sexism made by former employee Susan Fowler, who went public last week in a blog post.

One user screencapped the message, which begins: “Everyone at Uber is deeply hurting after reading Susan Fowler’s blog post. What she describes is abhorrent and against everything Uber stands for and believes in.”

Mashable first spotted the message, and confirmed it as genuine with an Uber spokesman. A source additionally told Business Insider that the message was indeed genuine, but that it only went to a handful of US users, and has since been updated.

The message was sent to users who reference Fowler’s post in their deletion request. The number of deletion requests relating to Fowler has also been low, according to Mashable’s report.

If you’re a UK user and delete your Uber account, citing Fowler’s blog post, you won’t see the same message.

Fowler made her allegations public on Sunday, prompting CEO Travis Kalanick to launch an internal investigation into the claims. She alleged that she was propositioned for sex by a manager, that HR lied to her, and that her manager threatened to fire her for reporting sexist incidents.

Kalanick has hired former US Attorney General Eric Holder to investigate the claims, along with Tammy Albarran. Both are partners at law firm Covington & Burling.

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