Uber is now facing a huge challenge in London

Transport for London (TfL) is expected to announce a series of potential measures which could cause a huge problem for Uber and other ride-sharing apps.

TfL is the government organisation which regulates things like black cabs and the London Underground. It is planning to launch a public consultation on rules for private hire vehicles, which are used by ridesharing companies like Uber, Gett, and Hailo.

One proposal being considered by TfL is the introduction of a mandatory five-minute wait time before a passenger can be picked up.

France used to have a similar rule where Uber drivers had to wait 15 minutes before picking up passengers, but it was later ruled unconstitutional.

A leaked document seen by Business Insider also shows that TfL is considering banning cars being shown on the map in Uber’s app.

Another change considered by TfL is a change to the way some ride-sharing apps charge users. One proposal is to show a mandatory fare estimate before each ride. Right now, it’s optional on Uber.

It’s important to note that none of these rules have actually been enforced yet, but they will be opened up to a public consultation on whether London residents back the ideas.

Here are some more of the proposals being considered by TfL:

  • Drivers must take an examination in English in order to gain a private hire licence.
  • Companies must allow customers to book rides up to seven days in advance.
  • A telephone support number must be available at all times.
  • Extra controls on sharing rides (which could hurt Uber’s plan to launch its UberPool ridesharing service in the UK).
  • Drivers will only be allowed to work for a single ridesharing company at a time.

Business Insider has contacted Transport for London for comment on this article and will update when we hear back.

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