Uber reveals the top 15 countries users visited, according to its own data

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Uber has released a list of 15 countries that US tourists took the most international trips to, with neighbouring Mexico topping the list.

The ride-hailing company used its own rider data to compile the list in its “A look back at 2019” report. The list includes six European countries, including the Netherlands and France.

The company also found that the Saturday of St. Patrick’s Day saw the most Uber rides in the US. This is the second year the Irish holiday claimed such a title, although Halloween celebrations on October 26 and November 2 were close contenders, according to Uber

Keep scrolling to see the other countries on Uber’s roundup:

15. South Africa

14. Dominican Republic


13. Peru

Getty Images

12. Germany

Getty Images

11. Netherlands

Reuters/Michael Kooran

10. Spain

David Ramos/Getty Images

9. Portugal

Getty Images / Alan Copson

8. Colombia

7. Australia

Gaye Gerard/Getty Images

6. India

5. France

Mike Hewitt/Getty Images

4. Brazil

Antonello/Getty Images

3. United Kingdom

Getty Images Europe

2. Canada

1. Mexico

AGF / Getty Images

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