Uber is giving everyone in Birmingham a free ride to celebrate its launch

In celebration of Uber launching in Birmingham today, the company said that everyone will get a free first ride.

Birmingham, which has a population of over 1 million, is the fourth city in Britain for the taxi-booking app to become available.

It’s a big deal for the people of Brum — so much so that the city’s local paper is actually live blogging the roll-out. 

Here’s reporter Sophie Jamieson wearing a head-mounted camera in readiness: 

Uber announced its Birmingham launch in a blog post on Wednesday. “As a special hello to the good people of Brum, we’re giving you your first ride free!”

The San Francisco-based company also listed a few example fares. A trip from the Bullring (a major shopping mall) to Edgbaston (a suburb), will cost between £4-6. Travelling from the city centre to the Birmingham airport will only set you back around £17.

Most people seem pretty excited about Uber’s arrival: