Uber's Job Listings Reveal Its Plans For World Domination

Uber travis kalanickRe/CodeUber CEO Travis Kalanick being interviewed by Re/Code’s Kara Swisher

Uber is hiring — and not just in San Francisco where the car-sharing service has become ubiquitous.

The company’s job listings show just how ambitious its plans are.

Living in Novosobirsk, Russia? What about Ahmedabad, India? Uber has a job for you.

Some of the positions are pretty nebulous. Just what does someone in “Asia Expansion” do? Set up shop wherever it’s needed, it seems.

“At base, this job entails being dropped into a city or country where Uber has zero brand and physical presence, quickly figuring out who and what make that city run, and then building a new business from scratch — in a matter of weeks — which sets Uber up for long-term success,” says the job description.

It sounds like Uber is looking for Marines with MBAs.

Besides a “unique, ground floor opportunity,” Uber offers free rides as a perk.

The company’s job listings are so numerous, it’s easier to figure out where they’re not hiring.

The plurality of job are in either San Francisco or spread across Asia.

Europe isn’t out of the picture, though. Uber is looking for employees in far-flung cities like Prague, St. Petersburg and Helsinki.

A handful of jobs are “multi-city,” meaning those employees will likely hop from place to place and help Uber get set up across a broader region like Latin America.

You can check out the full listing of jobs at Uber’s site >

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