Uber isn't going to face a series of tough proposals from London's transport regulator after all

Uber travis KALANICKFlickr/LeWeb13Uber CEO Travis Kalanick.

Transport for London has dropped a set of tough proposals that were designed to hurt ridesharing apps like Uber, The Telegraph reports.

TfL’s proposed rules included a mandatory five-minute wait time, a ban on animated cars appearing in apps, allowing customers to book cars in advance, and a compulsory landline number. But it said on Wednesday that it was dropping those proposals.

Uber hit out at the rules and launched a petition encouraging TfL to retract the ideas. Over 200,000 people signed the online petition after Uber contacted its customers and encouraged them to take part.

Uber sent Business Insider the following statement from its UK manager Jo Bertram:

This is good news for Londoners and a victory for common sense. We’re pleased Transport for London has listened to the views of passengers and drivers, dropping the bonkers ideas proposed last year like compulsory five minute wait times and banning showing cars in apps. It means Uber can continue to keep London moving with a convenient, safe and affordable ride at the push of a button.

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