Uber touts a new report that suggests Sydney drivers earn $29.46 per hour

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  • Uber says drivers in Sydney are getting $21 per hour after costs.
  • Ridesharing company stresses many Australians want more flexible work, but declines to reveal proportion of work on platform done by full-timers.
  • Australian class action against Uber swells to 5,000 signatures as company prepares for mega-IPO in the US.

Uber is touting a new study that suggests its drivers in Australia earn $29.46 per hour on its app.

The study, which Uber commissioned to economic advisory firm Alphabeta, found that the average Uber driver in Sydney received $29.46 per hour once Uber’s service fee is deducted.

However, the report states that figure falls to $21 an hour after GST, fuel, insurance, maintenance and depreciation are factored in, which work out to be around $8.46 an hour in Sydney.

Some 3,621 Uber drivers were involved in the study, and 3.2 million rides were assessed.

The research frequently stresses the majority of Uber drivers use the platform for supplementary income and that 1.2 million Australians want more flexible working arrangements.

But the report concedes Australians also value job security. “Unfortunately, the Australian economy is not generating enough of these flexible and secure jobs,” the report says.

The report also doesn’t break down how much work performed on the Uber platform is done by workers that are full-time drivers.

An executive at another gig economy operator in Australia, who wished to remain anonymous, told Business Insider Australia that the majority of work in the gig economy is done by a small number of full-timers.

Uber argues the gig economy is a “new source” of flexible work and has so far rejected the idea that it’s undermining traditional, full-time work.

But a class action lawsuit of more than 5000 taxi and hire car drivers, operators and license plate owners will allege the company operated illegally in Australia and has left many in the industry much worse off.

Maurice Blackburn’s class action lawsuit against Uber has signed up more than 5000 taxi industry registrations. As first reported by News Limited, the law firm was due to close registrations today, but it has extended the deadline by another month.

Uber is trying to fend off a legal problems in a number of jurisdictions around the world as the company prepares for a $US120 billion ($A169.5 billion) IPO on the US stock exchange.

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