Uber is planning to limit the number of hours drivers work

Uber's UK head of public policy Andrew ByrneUK ParliamentUber’s UK head of public policy Andrew Byrne

Uber is planning to cap the number of hours its drivers can work and will introduce the limit in the UK this summer.

The company’s UK head of public policy, Andrew Byrne, revealed the plans in a letter to MPs published on Saturday.

The cap is part of Uber’s efforts to make sure its drivers aren’t overworking, or driving while tired.

In his letter, Byrne said Uber already monitors drivers who work more than 56 hours per week. The app also reminds drivers through the day to take breaks and gives other road safety advice.

Byrne wrote:

“In London we also monitor partners who [work] more than 56 hours on trips over the course of a week. If any partner exceeds this threshold they are contacted by the team and reminded about their responsibilities to the safety of their passengers.

We are also planning to introduce a limit to the number of hours that partners are able to drive in the UK. We are still considering the parameters and the engineering work required, but we expect to be able to introduce the solution by summer 2017.”

It isn’t clear what the cap is, how or whether Uber plans to enforce the limit, or how it will advise drivers on any shortfall in income.

Uber is currently under scrutiny from the Work and Pensions Committee, which is looking at how the cab hailing app, Amazon, Hermes, and Deliveroo treat their workers.

One Uber driver, Syed Khalil, told the committee last month that he had to work 40 to 50 hours per week to break even, and up to 90 to turn a profit.

In the letter, Byrne said a quarter of Uber drivers work more than 40 hours per week.

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