Uber Is Offering Limo Drivers A Guaranteed $720 In Fares On New Year's Eve, But Warns Users Will Pay For It

Photo: Cameron Spencer/GETTY

Uber, the smartphone taxi and hire car booking app, is offering Sydney drivers on UberBlack, the limousine service, $720 in guaranteed gross fares to work on New Year’s Eve.

Uber Sydney labelled it their “biggest UberBlack incentive ever” in a message to drivers.

Meanwhile, the company is softening up customers who can expect to pay a premium based on the company’s controversial “surge pricing”, saying in an email today: “We expect the highest fares between 12:30 and 4am, where an average ride at 2am could be over $100.”

Surge pricing increases the price of hire cars when demand outstrips supply. The company says it is an automatic algorithm, which notoriously kicked in during the Sydney CBD siege, leading to a user backlash and accusations of opportunism, before the company over-rode the system to make all trips free and later, apologise.

Tonight Uber wants drivers to work at least six of the eight hours in two 4-hour blocks – 5pm to 9pm and midnight to 4am. They also need to complete one trip and hour and take 90% of requests to qualify for the $720.

And here’s the chart of how Uber Sydney expects prices to rise tonight.

Uber’s predicted surge pricing on December 31.

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