Uber Will Continue Running In Germany, Even Though The Country Just Banned The Service

Though a Frankfurt court has officially banned Uber in Germany, the ride-sharing startup has decided to keep its drivers on the road while it appeals the ruling.

Over the summer, Uber has faced a lot of challenges in the EU, and in particular Germany, with courts making claims that the startup doesn’t do enough to protect its passengers and that it lacked proper licensing. But Uber isn’t fazed by the opposition.

“Trying to limit people’s choice doesn’t ever seem like a good idea,” Uber explained in a blog post. “However, it was the idea behind the recent lawsuit filed by Taxi Deutschland in Frankfurt. We believe innovation and competition is good for everyone — riders and drivers, everyone wins. You can’t put the brakes on progress.”

Uber will continue its operations throughout Germany as it plans to appeal the Frankfurt ban. This could mean that Uber will face up to $US327,840 fines per trip, since the court banned UberPop (Germany’s version of UberX) from taking any passengers. However, Uber claims the ban is not enforceable while an appeal process is in place, according to the BBC.

According to Uber, Germany is one of its fastest growing markets, with the user base increasing five times since January. Just last week, Uber announced an aggressive expansion in Germany.

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