Uber will deliver free ice cream across the UK tomorrow

Ice creamIan Grainger/ShutterstockSlide right to order ice cream.

On Friday, July 24, ride-sharing app Uber will let users order ice cream on-demand to a home or office — for free.

The promotion, #UberIceCream, lasts for one day only. But be alert: Uber expects demand will be high and says that availability is limited. If you remember the massive kitten shortage in New York City after Uber announced it would be delivering the tiny fluffballs door-to-door, then it’s best to keep your fingers nimble and eyes on your mobile screen.

In the UK, you can order ice cream through the Uber app between 11 a.m. and 7 p.m. on Friday.

To do this, open the Uber app, set your location, and slide right to request ICE CREAM. Wall’s Cornettos will be delivered within minutes, Uber says.

The deal is available in the eight UK cities where Uber operates: London, Oxford, Birmingham, Bristol, Sheffield, Lille, Manchester, and Leeds.

Unfortunately, Uber hasn’t lucked out with the weather forecast in London on Friday. It looks like it will definitely rain with a high of 18 degrees C (64 degrees F).

But hopefully the sun is shining in other parts of the globe. The promotion, now in its fourth year running, is offered in a total of 252 cities around the world, though the hours and pricing vary by city.

In the United States, Uber will send an ice cream van to your office and is offering a free ice cream to Capital One cardholders.

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