Uber is rewarding passengers in Australia who consistently get five star ratings with free leg-room upgrades

It pays off to be a good passenger. Image, Getty Images.
  • Uber will be rewarding passengers who get a streak of five star ratings.
  • The reward? An to Uber Comfort, which has vehicles with more leg and head room.
  • The move comes a year after it announced its would introduce a new policy where riders whose rating fell below a minimum average would lose access to the Uber app,

It pays off to be a good Uber passenger.

Uber is set to reward riders who have had a streak of five star ratings by upgrading their ride to Uber Comfort – where cars have more head and legroom.

Plus, Uber Comfort drivers have newer model vehicles, have made at least 500 trips with the Uber app, and have a rating of at least 4.85 stars.

The Uber riders who are eligible for the upgrade will get a notification of their “surprise upgrade” through the app after they order a car.

The reward comes a day after Uber updated its community guidelines for everyone who uses its platform.

It also comes a year after the Uber Australia and New Zealand announced a new rider rating policy where riders whose rating fell below a minimum average would lose access to the Uber app, after several warnings.

“To mark this, we wanted to say thanks to our top riders by rewarding those riders who get a streak of 5 star ratings by giving them a surprise upgrade to Uber Comfort on their next trip,” an Uber spokesperson told Business Insider Australia in an email.

Uber Australia and New Zealand head of strategy and operations, Dom Taylor said in a statement that since the ratings change, “only a handful of riders” lost access to Uber apps after low ratings.

“More importantly we’ve seen an increase in the average rider rating across Australia since we announced our rider ratings policy, as well as an almost 30% reduction in poor trip experiences for drivers in Australia,” he said in a statement.

The top rated Uber riders in Australia are in Tamworth in northwest New South Wales. But the most complimentary riders are on Victoria’s Surf Coast, with drivers being given positive feedback on 25% of trips.

Port Macquarie, Bathurst. and Horsham all tied for having top-rated drivers.

When the new ratings policy was brought in, riders at risk of losing access to the app got tips on how to boost their rating, with suggestions such as taking their rubbish with them and not asking drivers to go over the speed limit.

So next time you have a fun night with friends and you decided to get an Uber home, you may want to think carefully about how you behave.

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