Uber now makes it easy for parents to pay for their kid's Uber rides

On Wednesday, Uber announced a new feature that makes it easy for parents to pick up the tab for their kid’s Uber rides.

Called “Family Profiles,” riders can now link accounts together as a “family” under one credit card. Up to 10 people can join a family and the receipts will go to whoever the organiser is.

“Whether you’re a parent with kids away at college or a daughter wanting to help your parents maintain their independence, it’s never been easier to share some Uber love around to the people that matter most in your life,” Uber wrote in its announcement.

Uber can only be used by people over the age of 18 so that’s why it’s promoting the college student demographic and not sending your high schoolers to soccer practice.

For now, family profiles are only limited to those in Atlanta, Dallas, or Phoenix, according to its blog post.

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