Court rejects Uber executive’s request to take the fifth amendment in self-driving car case against Waymo

Anthony Levandowski
Anthony Levandowski. Otto

Anthony Levandowski, the former Google executive at the center of Waymo’s lawsuit against Uber, will not be allowed to take the fifth amendment, according to an order from the US Court of Appeals issued Tuesday.

That means Levandowski will likely be compelled to provide the approximately 14,000 documents Waymo alleges Levandowski took from Google before Levandowski left the company, according to the court. Waymo’s lawsuit claims Levandowski used those documents to build self-driving technology at his new job at Uber.

In March, Levandowski’s lawyers said he wanted to plead the fifth amendment so he would not incriminate himself in the case.

The documents have been at the center of Waymo’s case against Uber. Uber has argued that none of the files are stored on Uber-owned computers and therefore cannot be submitted to the court during the discovery process.

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