Uber Eats is rolling out new features in Australia this month. Take a closer look.

Picture: Uber
  • Uber Eats is getting some new features in Australia this month.
  • There will be six main features rolled out to 27 cities, including a group ordering option and a section that lets you see what people are ordering from restaurants near you.
  • “While we’ve come a long way, we’re just getting started,” Uber Eats global head of product Daniel Danker said in a statement.
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Get ready for some new changes to the Uber Eats app.

Uber Eats is branching out from just restaurant delivery, with plans to make its way into other areas like pharmacy, alcohol and groceries. And that will all start with a new redesign.

The platform’s new features are designed to help customers find what they want more quickly. They will roll out across 27 cities in Australia this month, and around the world over the next eight weeks.

“While we’ve come a long way, we’re just getting started,” Daniel Danker, global head of product for Uber Eats said in a statement.

“We’re always looking to make your experience of finding and enjoying food more convenient and more delightful, every time you open our app.”

These updates come after Uber Eats came under fire from restaurant owners over the commission fees it charges, particularly as many had been forced to switch to food delivery apps during the pandemic.

In May, the delivery business relented, slashing its commission fees from 35% to 30%. In September, the company defended its commission fees, arguing that it supports restaurants in other ways like marketing.

“We use the money from the service fee … to help support reliable delivery and to make sure we have safe and reliable delivery available for all our food,” Uber community operations director for Australia and New Zealand and North Asia, Mark Capps said, according to the Australian Financial Review.

“It’s also to make sure that we’re marketing the services as widely as possible to drive demand through the crisis.”

A range of new features

There will be ‘shortcuts’ on the app so you can select particular cuisines. You’ll also be able to choose stores like butchers, flower shops and grocery stores.


There’s going to be a ‘pickup map’ to pinpoint restaurants where you can pick up a meal and snag some local deals.


Keep an eye out for the ‘order again’ section, where you can reorder your favourite meal from that burger place you love.

Another feature is the ‘hidden gems’ option to help you discover new restaurants that are curated for you. Plus, there will be a family favourites feature with food bundles to feed a group of people.

Hidden gems

If you want to order from more than one restaurant, you’ll be able to do so through the group ordering option. And lastly, there’ll be a section where you can see what people are ordering from restaurants close to you. It might give you an idea of something you may want to try on your next Uber Eats order.

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