Uber Eats is starting a $5 million fund for Australian restaurants so they can continue to deliver food through the coronavirus crisis

Uber Eats. (Photo by Sean Gallup/Getty Images)
  • Uber Eats has announced $5 million funding to help restaurants in Australia and New Zealand attract more customers through the coronavirus outbreak.
  • It comes as restaurants work to remain open so they can support employees and feed the community
  • Uber Eats is also encouraging “contactless” deliveries where you can opt to have your food left on your doorstep.
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Uber Eats has rolled out new measures to help restaurants in Australia and New Zealand (ANZ) attract more customers following the coronavirus outbreak.

The company is starting a $5 million fund for the more than 22,000 restaurants on its platform in ANZ, so they can offer promotions to bring in more customers. The restaurants can also time these promotions to best suit their needs.

In addition, Uber Eats is giving restaurants the option of receiving daily payments instead of once a week during the coronavirus pandemic. And restaurants won’t have to pay a service fee on pickup orders until June 30.

On top of this, Uber Eats is waiving activation fees for new restaurants that want to sign up, and extending the reach of its platform to include caterers.

It comes as fewer people dine out and events are cancelled because of the coronavirus.

“There are thousands of small businesses in the restaurant, café and catering industry that have felt the full force of the coronavirus outbreak, with some reporting bookings and foot traffic down between 80 to 100%, Restaurant and Catering Association CEO Wes Lambert said in a statement.

“These measures by Uber are very welcome as they allow small businesses to quickly pivot to still be able to serve great food, keep their doors open and keep staff working throughout these difficult times.”

As part of the new measures, Uber Eats has pledged to deliver 25,000 meals to hospital staff and frontline workers. The company said it will work with local and state governments to figure out the best way to do so.

“We believe these measures are the right thing to do, but we will continue to monitor the situation to ensure we are doing our best to provide certainty, stability and support to the entire community in this time of need,” Uber Eats Regional General Manager for APAC Jodie Auster said in a statement.

Uber Eats has implemented a number of steps to minimise the spread of the coronavirus. Restaurants and drivers have started receiving in-app messages reminding them of basic steps they can take to prevent the spread. And the company is raising awareness of “contactless delivery” where you can request your deliveries to be put outside your door.

Uber Eats is also supporting drivers who test positive for the coronavirus or are placed in quarantine by giving them financial assistance for up to 14 days.


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