Uber will now serve dinner earlier and offer remote work to cater to employees with families

Uber is hoping to become more family friendly.

The company will allow employees to work from home or work part time. It will also offer its catered company dinner at an earlier time.

The changes are intended to allow the company to better accommodate “a broader group of employees, including employees who have spouses or families waiting for them at home,” according to a report from former US Attorney General Eric Holder, which recommended them.

Moving the dinner would signal “an earlier end to the work day,” the report says.

Holder laid out the recommendations in the 13-page report Uber commissioned from him his law firm that was released Tuesday. The former attorney general released the report following an investigation into Uber’s workplace. The report’s recommendations are part of a broader effort to remake Uber’s well-documented “bro culture” and make the company more open to a diverse range of employees.

Uber’s board unanimously agreed to adopt all of the report’s recommendations.

In addition to moving up the time of the company’s catered dinner, the report recommends changing Uber’s work environment to be more flexible. The company will give employees the option to work remotely. And Uber will introduce “part-time work” later this year, according to a tweet from New York Times reporter Mike Isaac.

These changes will help attract employees with spouses and children, the report says. By allowing employees to avoid lengthy commutes, Uber will be able to “draw applicants from a wider geographic area,” the report says.

Beyond trying to make Uber’s workplace more family friendly, the report offers several recommendations targeted at fostering diversity. Among them are giving Uber’s head of diversity more power, recruiting talent from Historically Black Colleges and Universities and Hispanic-Serving Institutions, and following a version of the “Rooney Rule,” where every candidate pool must have one woman and one underrepresented minority.

The Holder report features 47 total recommendations for changes to Uber’s culture. You can read the full report here.

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