Uber could announce a new CEO by mid-week

As Business Insider and other news outlets have reported, Uber’s board has been meeting since Friday to try and pick a new CEO.

Should the board come to an agreement, the new CEO could be announced to employees next week, reports Recode’s Kara Swisher.

That’s a big “if”, because the infighting among board members has grown to epic levels. At issue is how big a role Uber founder and former CEO Travis Kalanick would play in the continued operations of the company.

Kalanick remains on the board but bowed to investor pressure and resigned from the CEO role in June after numerous scandals rocked the company, ranging from accusations of sexual harassment to a lawsuit over Uber’s self-driving technology.

The faction that opposes Kalanick’s involvement is led by Uber investor Benchmark. Benchmark has even gone so far as to file a lawsuit against him, trying to wrestle control of some board seats away from Kalanick and perhaps even oust him from the board.

The board has reportedly narrowed the search down to three people, with different factions of the board backing different candidates.

One main candidate is said to be Jeff Immelt, the former CEO of GE, who reportedly has the support of Kalanick and his faction.

Another main candidate, Meg Whitman, is said to have the support of Kalanick’s opponent, Benchmark. She has publicly bowed out of the running, though sources close to the situation say her faction is still hoping to lure her in. If she were hired, she would want to run the company without Kalanick’s interference.

But a third candidate also reportedly spoke with the board this weekend. Sources told Business Insider that this person is the head of Amazon Web Services. That’s presumably Andy Jassy.

Uber had previously said it hoped to name the new CEO by September.

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