Uber sold some New Yorkers an unlimited Uber Pool commuter card

For an all-too-brief time, New Yorkers had the chance to get a special deal from Uber: A commuter card that provides unlimited Uber rides.

As part of a promotion with Gilt City, Uber offered a Commute Card, an unlimited card riders could use Monday through Friday during rush hour. For $79, users could hitch a ride to and from work for a month (which is cheaper than a monthly subway pass). The offer also came in two-week and eight-week iterations which cost $49 and $159 respectively.

The Commute Card was only valid for $5 UberPool rides between 7a.m. and 10 a.m. and 5 p.m. and 8 p.m., and it was only available for destinations below 125th Street in Manhattan — which, as serial entrepreneur Anil Dash points out, is problematic for a few reasons.

Unfortunately for the majority of us, however, we may never even know what it would be like to have unlimited Uber rides. Gilt offers have an expiration date on them, and from what we can tell, this one lasted less than 24 hours. As of 8:55 this morning, the offer had already completely sold out, but there’s no telling whether demand was off the charts, or whether supply of the passes was limited. We’ve checked with Uber and will update this post when we find out.

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