Travis Kalanick says he walks 40 miles a week inside Uber's San Francisco headquarters

Fast Company just published a new story featuring Uber CEO Travis Kalanick.

Besides running through Kalanick’s youth and his past entrepreneurial endeavours, the complimentary story talks about the company’s ambitions in China and its UberPool initiatives.

Writer Max Chafkin spent five months reporting the story and spending tons of time with Kalanick, who has been a bit press-shy in the past year.

The story sheds some light on Travis Kalanick’s personality, what he’s like to work for, and his idiosyncrasies and habits.

One of those habits includes walking 40 miles a week inside Uber’s San Francisco office.

Uber’s SF headquarters has a walking track on its fourth floor. To be specific, “there is a two-foot-wide walking track, delineated by a stenciled pattern of the San Francisco city grid, running around the perimeter of the open-plan office,” Fast Company reports.

The track is a quarter-mile long, and Kalanick says he walks 40 miles, or the equivalent of 160 laps. It’s where he goes to think, Kalanick tells Fast Company.

You can read Fast Company’s full profile on Travis Kalanick and Uber here.

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