Uber CEO says that a driver once made his wife ride in his trunk while he worked

Summit at seaCourtesy of Summit at SeaSchmidt and Kalanick chatting

Last weekend, two thousand tech billionaires, celebrities, and influencers hopped on a boat for the second-ever Summit at Sea.

Amid the yoga sessions and concerts, big names like Zappos CEO Tony Hsieh and VC Chris Sacca gave keynotes. One of the particularly high-profile talks took place between Google’s executive chairman Eric Schmidt and Uber CEO Travis Kalanick.

Schmidt kicked the session off by asking Kalanick for his craziest Uber-related incident, according to Gregory Ferenstein, who attended the summit and wrote about the talk for Forbes.

Kalanick’s tale turned out to be rather insane story from the company’s early days about a passenger who discovered the driver’s wife riding in the trunk.

“Evidently, the new driver didn’t think his wife should be in the car while working, but the wife refused to get out of the car and be stranded in the middle of the city,” Ferenstein writes, paraphrasing Kalanick’s story. “So, he managed to convince her to climb into the trunk, thinking no one would be any the wiser.”

The plan backfired, however, when the customer had luggage and went to put it in the occupied trunk.

Kalanick told the crowd that Uber only found out about the situation after the customer left a one-star review.

Sounds like a horrifying story for pretty much everyone involved.

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