An Uber Carrying Eventbrite's Co-Founder Was Allegedly Attacked And Vandalised By Cab Drivers In Paris

Window uber Renaud Visage via TwitterBroken window after cab drivers allegedly attacked an Uber in Paris.

Cab drivers on strike allegedly attacked an Uber driver this morning while two passengers were being transported from the airport to Paris.

One of the passengers, Kat Borlongan, tweeted about the incident. Uber’s General Manager in France has since confirmed the attack.

The other passenger was Eventbrite CTO Renaud Visage. He had just come off a 20-hour flight.

According to Borlongan, cab drivers tried to get into the vehicle. They ended up breaking a window and flattening a tire. The car was also “defaced with glue,” reports.

Borlongan says the driver was able to get to safety and changed the tire on the freeway, then took the passengers home.

Visage tweeted a picture of the incident: “Attacked by Parisian taxis this morning in our @ uber…rear window broken,” he wrote.

“Taxi drivers today are protesting against the likes of Uber, and against what they consider to be a government that refuses to see things their way, according to an official press release,’ RudeBaguette reports.

Uber has responded to this morning’s attack. From France GM Pierre-Dimitry Gore Coty:

Uber strongly condemns this morning’s incident where two of our users and our driver were confronted with severe violence.

First, we are very glad all involved are safe and ok. Also, we would like to praise our partner who has shown great courage and professionalism, who focused on getting his customers out of a very challenging situation.

That the taxis chose to use violence is unacceptable, that they chose to strike is their business. However, Parisians also have a choice when it comes to moving around in their cities, and today’s incident will certainly not tempt Parisians into choosing a taxi for their next ride. Safety, reliability and choice, not violence, are what continues to draw customers towards VTCs.”

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