Uber and Lyft cars could be forced to install lighted signs in this US state following the death of a student

  • A bill is being introduced in North Carolina which would force ridesharing companies like Uber and Lyft to provide their drivers with illuminated signs for their vehicles.
  • The bill follows the murder of Samantha Josephson, a student who was found dead after she got into a car she mistakenly believed to be an Uber.
  • Local TV station WSOC TV reports that South Carolina is in the process of drawing up similar legislation.
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Lawmakers in North Carolina are introducing a bill forcing rideshare companies to make their drivers use lighted signs, local TV station WSOC reports.

The bill, named the Passenger Protection Act, was drawn up following the case of 21-year-old student Samantha Josephson, who was murdered in March after she mistakenly got into a stranger’s car believing it to be an Uber.

Uber responded by upping its Check Your Ride awareness campaign on social media, aimed at making the public more aware of how to avoid getting into the wrong car.

WSOC obtained the bill early, and journalist Joe Bruno tweeted that North Carolina Rep. Bell will give a press conference on Thursday.

The wording stipulates that ride-sharing companies must make its riders carry visible, trademarked signage which is “illuminated.”

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A classmate of the woman who was killed after getting into a fake ride-hailing car is pushing Uber and Lyft for a simple safety fix

South Carolina is in the process of drawing up similar legislation, named after Josephson, which would require drivers to display reflective stickers.

Samantha josephsonColumbia Police DepartmentSamantha Josephson.

A classmate of Josephson’s recently launched a campaign calling for Uber and Lyft to incorporate QR codes into their apps to increase safety.

Uber and Lyft were not immediately available to comment when contacted by Business Insider.

Uber is to join Lyft in filing for an IPO this week. The company will make public the registration of this offering on Thursday,according to Reuters, and will kick of its investor roadshow during the week of April 29.

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