Investor At Google Ventures Thinks Uber Will Be A $US200 Billion Company

Bill maris pressGoogle VenturesBill Maris.

Bill Maris, managing partner of Uber investor Google Ventures, sees big things ahead for Uber.

At Fortune’s Brainstorm Tech conference in Aspen, Colorado, on Tuesday, he said that he sees the long-term value of the company at “$200 billion or more,” according to a report in Bloomberg.

As Bloomberg notes, that’s around the same market value as Toyota.

Last week, Uber investor and board member Bill Gurley estimated Uber has a market opportunity of anywhere between $US450 billion and $US1.35 trillion per year since Uber’s service “significantly expands the core market” and could be considered a “car ownership alternative.”

Previously, other investors claimed that the taxi alternative could be valued close to $US100 billion. So Maris’ estimates aren’t that far off from what others are saying.

Uber has so far raised $1.5 billion in funding. Google Ventures reinvested this year after it invested more than $US250 million in the company last year.

“It’s an incredibly creative team — their growth shows they are clearly onto something,” Maris told Bloomberg.

But, he warns, it’s still a startup, and “it could also go down to zero,” Bloomberg reports.

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