UK Journalist Claims He's The First Uber User With A 1-Star Average Rating

Nimrod KamerYouTubeNimrod Kamer, a journalist in the U.K.

Nimrod Kamer, a journalist from the UK, wanted to know what would happen if he asked Uber drivers to give him a 1-star rating.He documented his findings on The Daily Dot.

The rating system is between drivers and riders of Uber; at the end of every ride, the passenger rates his driver and the driver rates his passenger.

You can rate between one and five stars, five being the best and one being the worst.

It’s rumoured that if you have a low score, drivers will be slower to pick you up, or may avoid accepting your request for a ride altogether.

Kamer wanted to have a 1-star average, so he begged drivers in London and New York City to give him a low rating, right in front of his face. A lot of drivers were remiss, he said, because they were afraid that would mean Kamer would give them a low rating in return.

An Uber driver with a rating below four stars runs the risk of losing his position with the company.

After convincing fifteen Uber drivers to give him a 1-star rating (he caught a few of these requests on camera, see below), Kamer tells Business Insider he’s allegedly “the first one to get a 1-star average, but it doesn’t mean I’m a bad passenger, it just means I convinced fifteen drivers to give me a low rating.”

“This is the only way to mess with Uber while still using it,” he told us.

Check out some of the videos Kamer took:

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