U.S. Marshals: Hedge Fund Swindler Sam Israel Hiding in Huge RV

More details on hedge-fund swindler Sam Israel’s new hideout: It’s huge.

Reuters DealZone blog: “Everything about the Coachmen Freelander Class C motorhome shouts out ‘big’, more storage, big tanks, large doors, tall ceilings, and big beds,” the company said in a press release.

The U.S. Marshals Service, which tracks fugitives, issued a release (below) describing the nearly 30 ft, white Freelander. It has a blue 2005 Yamaha scooter attached to the back, possible damage to the rear passenger side, a New York licence plate (EEN-5973) and sporty swoosh stripes — the kind that convey family fun.

And where would he go in such a vehicle? Israel may be at RV parks, camp grounds or highway rest stops, the Marshalls said, predictably.

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Meanwhile, the girlfriend Israel jilted has been busted for helping him and could go to jail for 10 years.



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