Tyson Chandler Does Not Fit In Lolo Jones' Bed At The Olympic Village

The US men’s basketball team gallivanted around the Olympic Village last night, taking pictures with fellow athletes and eventually bumping into hurdling sensation Lolo Jones.

From the looks of it, Tyson Chandler got a tour of Lolo’s room in the Olympic Village.

Lolo tweeted out this picture of Chandler laying in her standard-issue Village bed. For some reason, the beds at the Olympics are only 68 inches long, which is more than a foot too short for Chandler.

Two takeaways from this picture:

  1. Considering the little beds, it makes total sense that the men’s hoops team isn’t staying in the Olympic Village
  2. It’d be great if Lolo and the team become best friends

There are all sorts of stories about how the Olympic Village is a crazed sex party. But we imagine there is some scandal-free socializing and clique-making going on as well, and hopefully the Lolo-Dream Team power group becomes a thing.

tyson chandler in lolo jones bed

Photo: @lolojones

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