A Kansas Basketball Player Fired Back At Angry Fans On Twitter

Tyshawn Taylor

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Kansas Jayhawks point guard Tyshawn Taylor doesn’t appreciate being criticised by fans who don’t understand what he’s going through.On Friday of last week, Taylor responded to angry fans on Twitter.

If half that talk about ball could actually ball … I’d appreciate y’all comments and criticism more but y’all can’t do (so you’re) stuck to being a fan.

Once again I repeat … If you can’t go out there and lace ’em up.. I’ll accept the constructive criticism..but since y’all can’t well..yeah.

The tweets have since been deleted and his coach, Bill Self, would prefer his senior star not engage overly critical fans.

“I said, ‘You have to let your play do your talking,'” Self said. “They more you talk the more you act like you’re a little spoiled brat.

Despite increasing his scoring by 5 points per game and significantly improving his three-point shooting percentage, fans were mainly attacking Taylor on Twitter for his sudden penchant for turning the ball over (increased from 2.7/game to 4/game between last season and 2011-12).

For his part, Taylor says he’s done defending himself on Twitter.

“I’m just going to leave that alone,” Taylor said.