The Guy Whose Job It Is To Revive Bloomberg TV Calls On Website To Retract Article

Josh Tyrangiel BloombergJosh Tyrangiel

Bloomberg Media CEO Justin Smith
recently asked Businessweek editor Josh Tyrangielto head up an overhaul of Bloomberg TV.

Bloomberg TV has never turned a profit, and ratings are so low that they’re not even measured.

Today, Capital’s Alex Weprin reported that Tyrangiel has concluded his evaluation of the network, and he plans to tell people that the current programming is “shit,” citing two anonymous sources.

We asked Tyrangiel for comment, and he vehemently denied ever having characterised the network that way.

He also sent us the email he sent to Weprin:


I don’t know you, but if you care about your body of work you might want to retract of your story “A blunt assessment for Bloomberg TV” since it blatantly and inaccurately reports something I didn’t, and wouldn’t, say. I would have been glad to refute your context-less one word quote before your story posted had you bothered to call or email, but you didn’t. Nor did you reach out to anyone else at Bloomberg. Personally this is a minor annoyance, but your story is an insult to a lot of really hard working, talented people. I encourage you to publish this email, and retract your inaccurate story.


Josh Tyrangiel

There you have it.

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