Type 'Super Mario Bros' into Google and this amazing thing happens

30 years ago, on September 13, 1985, Nintendo released “Super Mario Bros.” for the original Nintendo Entertainment System.

The game was only released in Japan at first, though it of course went on to massive worldwide success: the birth of an icon the likes of Disney’s Mickey Mouse, or McDonalds’ Ronald McDonald.

In celebration of the 30 years of Mario being a favourite of kids and adults alike, Google has embedded an especially good Easter Egg into its search engine results. 

Go ahead and type “Super Mario Bros” into Google. We dare you!

See that blinking question mark box? Go ahead and click it. We double-dog dare you!

See that “200?” That’s an active question mark box, right there in the Google search results. Click it and it gives you a coin, worth 200 points. It even makes the coin noise from the original game. Should you click it 100 times, you’ll earn non-existent Mario an extra life. 

Nintendo’s celebrating the 30th anniversary of “Super Mario Bros.” as well, but in its own way.

First and foremost, the amazing (and amazingly referential) “Super Mario Maker” launched on the Wii U on September 11. Second, and potentially more interesting to longtime fans, is a video Nintendo published over the weekend showing Nintendo veterans (from Mario creator Shigeru Miyamoto to Nintendo general manager Takashi Tezuka) discussing their long histories working on Mario and other iconic characters.

Check it out right here:

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