Oprah Disciple Tyler Perry Dares To Cross Her By Launching His Own TV Channel

tyler perry oprah

Tyler Perry is said to be prepping his own television channel.

Wait, you thought TBS was Perry’s channel?

Not so — although Perry’s comedies are one of the cable net’s strongholds, and they better start thinking now about how to keep them there when the channel comes to fruition.

Lionsgate is the company that wants to launch “Tyler TV,” which reportedly will debut with a mix of Perry-made reruns and acquired content that matches it.

While an industry rumour isn’t enough to ruffle Oprah Winfrey‘s feathers, we bet she’ll be placing a call to Perry today to find out what’s going on.

With OWN still struggling, any competition news is bad news.

And Perry is a member of Winfrey’s inner circle.

He doesn’t have the talk queen to thank for his fame, exactly — the prolific producer has long had a loyal following.

But Winfrey’s golden touch certainly helped expand his profile — and she likely had him on a shortlist of future OWN hallmark names.