Economics Professor And Blogger Tyler Cowen Was Pepper-Sprayed In The Face By A Classroom Intruder

Tyler cowen
Professor Tyler Cowen Wikimedia, CC.

George Mason University economics professor Tyler Cowen was pepper-sprayed in his classroom yesterday by a man claiming to make a “citizen’s arrest.” [via Gawker]

Local news station WJLA ABC7 reports:

The school says that on Wednesday afternoon during a law and literature class in this fourth floor classroom, intruder entered. He jumped up on the desk, announced that he was making a citizen’s arrest, and then pepper sprayed Professor Tyler Cowen in the face.

Cowen ran into the hall, and the intruder chased him until an off-duty officer who happened to be a student in class caught him at one of the building’s exits and held him until police arrived.

Fortunately, Cowen seems to be fine. He’s back to work today.

Here’s a shot of the suspect being taken into custody.

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