Federal authorities have arrested two women over an ISIS plot to detonate a bomb in New York

IsisScreen grabISIS militants.

Federal authorities have arrested two allegedly ISIS-linked women who are suspected of planning to plant a bomb in New York City, ABC reports.

The two women had reportedly been radicalized by ISIS and were attempting to construct an improvised explosive device.

Federal authorities assured ABC that the public was never in danger and that the women were being followed as part of a lengthy FBI investigation after they had become radicalized.

“The women — in their 20s and 30s — were arrested earlier Thursday in New York, and authorities are convinced ISIS propaganda and their alleged online activities contributed to their ultimate shift toward violence,” ABC notes.

The arrests come after a string of other apprehensions of US citizens suspected of aiding ISIS or attempting to carry out attacks on US soil on the group’s behalf. On March 26, a US Army National Guard soldier and his cousin were arrested on charges of conspiring to support ISIS. One of the men was en route to Cairo while the other was planning to attack a military base in northern Illinois.

On March 17, an Air Force veteran was charged with attempting to provide support to ISIS. He had been arrested on January 16, 2015.

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