AOL CEO Armstrong's First 100 Days Are Almost Up


After he was hired in April, new AOL CEO Tim Armstrong wrote that his first 100 days “will end in Dulles with an All-Hands meeting in mid-July.”

“At that meeting, we’ll review the feedback we’ve received–both internal and external. We’ll also discuss our strategic direction for the coming years, and highlight areas that will bring AOL and AOL properties into the next decade of digital leadership. Most importantly, we will set a course and focus all of our resources to make that course a success.”

86 days into his job, Tim’s time till that big meeting is just about up.

So what kind of game plan can we expect Tim to announce at the all-hands?

We don’t know, but we’ve talked to lots of people who think they know where AOL is headed. The common themes are:

  • A greater focus on original content. This means building up the MediaGlow conglomerate, possibly through acquisition. The problem: Can Web publishing ever be a big enough business to support AOL’s 8,000 or so employees? (We don’t think so)
  • Exiting the social media space. Tim put Bebo into something called AOL Ventures, and is looking to sell if off.
  • A renewed focus on “product.” The problem with this is: what product? AIM?
  • A more analytical approach to selling AOL to big brands. This is why Tim brought on wonky ex-Googler Jeff Levick. He’ll make scale AOL’s selling point.

So there you have it. If any AOLers want to get a few more bullet points added to Tim’s big speech two weeks from now, they better speak up now. Here’s a good place for that.

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