Two Weeks Ago An Australian Soldier Walked Into The NY Wilderness, And Hasn't Been Seen Since


Authorities in the US are continuing their search for an Australian soldier, Captain Paul McKay, who walked into the New York wilderness two weeks ago and has not been seen since.

Searchers believed McKay is lost inside the Adirondack Park in Northern New York. According to media reports the soldier left all his possessions to his father in an email before setting off with a large backpack.

The local newspaper the Adirondack Daily Enterprise reports search and rescue efforts are being beefed up in the hope of finding McKay, who local US Police believe is suffering from post traumatic stress after serving in Afghanistan.

While authorities hope his military training will help him survive, forest Ranger Lt. Gary Friedrich said that the fact McKay had not been seen for 10 days made the search challenging.

Even though McKay was last seen carrying a large backpack and wearing winter hiking gear, he may not have had the kind of cold-weather camping equipment needed to survive in the backcountry

A person fitting McKay’s description was last seen on New Years Eve and he was reported missing by his father on 3 January.

New York was experiencing extreme cold weather at the time McKay entered the wilderness, with freezing temperatures brought on by the “polar vortex”.

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