Two Supreme Court Vacancies? Ready Your Resumes!

Obama Ruth Bader Ginsburg (AP)

Since Justice John Paul Stevens hired only one clerk for next term, the speculation has been that he will retire at the end of this session.

But could Ruth Bader Ginsburg hang up her robe and doily as well?

ABC News is reporting that “court watchers” think the older female justice may step aside for health reasons. “Court watchers” just sounds like speculation from anyone — like me, for instance! — so we aren’t sure this is new news, and the report said “sources close to Ginsburg” dismissed the speculation.

But the article indicates, and it makes sense, that the White House is preparing for two just in case.

The article tosses around the usual names — current solicitor general Elena Kagan and 7th Circuit Judge Diane Wood among others.

We’ll go ahead and make a crazy prediction — if Ginsburg goes, her replacement will definitely be a woman. 

We also think the next Supreme Court nominee(s) will be more liberal that Justice Sonia Sotomayor. She’s perceived by the masses to be pretty left, but she spent time as a corporate lawyer and is a bit more of a conformist on close inspection (as discussed in detail in this interesting profile by Lauren Collins for The New Yorker).



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