Two Stories That Prove Chinese Exports Are Still A Joke


Story One: Hacking of Energizer Duo Battery Chargers. Energizer battery chargers made in China have been found to have “trojans” loaded onto them, so that when the devices are plugged into a computer via USB port, a backdoor is left on the machine that makes it possible for someone to hack it from afar. This sort of news of course raises questions like: Who is behind the malware, and why did they do it?

Marcus Sachs, a former National Security Council member and a member of the CSIS Commission on Cyber Security under the Obama administration, is downplaying the incident. In an article on CNET, he suggests that China may have once had problems with malware — back in the old days, meaning 2007? — but that things have changed. LOL moment: He suggests that the malware is just a bit of shmootz, an issue with hygiene.

Read part two at the author’s blog –>

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