Two Qantas Planes Narrowly Avoided A Collision Today And The ATSB Is Investigating

Two Qantas planes narrowly avoided a collision over Adelaide just after midday this afternoon.

The two A330s were flying in opposite directions between Perth and Sydney when they came within less than 1000 feet of each other vertically.

A spokesperson from the Civil Aviation Safety Authority confirmed the incident to Business Insider and said the planes appeared to have breached the “separation standard,” an industry term for the minimum regulated distance planes need to be from each other, in both a horizontal and vertical direction.

“There was an incident that involved a loss of separation,” the CASA spokesperson said.

The Australian Transport Safety Bureau has reviewed the incident and decided to investigate, a spokesperson told Business Insider.

All planes need to maintain a distance of 1000 feet vertically, and five nautical miles horizontally, the spokesperson explained.

“We are still gathering information before we decided whether to investigate.”

In a statement, Qantas confirmed two Airbus A330 aircraft had a “loss of separation” over Adelaide.

“Indications are that the loss of separation occurred when one of the Qantas aircraft received clearance to climb from Air Traffic Control,” the statement read.

“Our pilots followed standard operating procedures in re-establishing the required separation distance following the alert from the onboard notification system.

“There was no impact to passengers.”

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