Two travelers who entered Canada from the US were fined nearly $20,000 each for fraudulent vaccination docs

Three planes lined up at airport in Canada during COVID-19 pandemic.
Things are slow at the airport. Parkn Fly lots around Pearson International Airport are showing the effects of reduction of national and international travel. Toronto is in phase three of reopening along with other parts of Ontario as the province tries to slow the spread of COVID-19 in Toronto. August 14, 2020. ( Steve Russell/Toronto Star via Getty Images)

Two people traveling from the US to Canada were fined nearly $US20,000 ($AU27,241) for fraudulent vaccination documents and failing to comply with entry guidelines, KATV reported.

The two travelers arrived in Toronto the week of July 18 and were given multiple fines, according to a press release from the Public Health Agency of Canada.

“Each traveler received four fines-a total of $US19,720 ($AU26,860) for each traveler-for providing false information related to proof of vaccination credentials and pre-departure tests, as well as for non-compliance with the requirement to stay at a government-authorized accommodation and on-arrival testing requirements,” the agency said.

According to the press release, the Canada Border Services Agency “works closely with domestic and international partners to detect and intercept fraudulent documents.”

The agency said anyone who provides false information could result in punishment like fines or criminal charges.

Canada relaxed some requirements for fully vaccinated residents on July 5, but they must provide proof of their fully vaccinated status before entering the country.

The Canadian Press reported that people who are not fully vaccinated must stay at the hotel for three days, as well quarantine for about two weeks.

In addition, they receive multiple tests; including pre-departure, on arrival, and eight days after that.

According to the Government of Canada, fully vaccinated Americans will get the green light to travel to the country on August 9.