Two Of Australia's Corporate Heavyweights Could Be In For A Court Battle

Former CEO Wal King. Photo: AFP

Former Leighton CEO Wal King and UGL chairman Trevor Rowe could face off in court, with lawyers for the two reportedly locked in negotiations.

King wants Rowe to say sorry for comments published by Fairfax Media, which he made in the wake of the Leighton bribery claims — a story which was run by that media organisation.

Lawyers are trying to come to an agreement, but according to the Australian one has not yet been reached and the two could see each other in court.

King has also launched defamation proceedings, after Fairfax claimed that he knew about alleged bribes paid to secure contracts overseas.

Rowe is a former director of the ASX, and Future Fund. He was also the chairman of the Queensland Investment Corporation for nearly ten years. King is the long-time CEO of construction giant Leighton.

Both have been made officers in the order of Australia for their services to business.

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