Two New Jersey State Troopers Suspended After Leading A High-Speed Supercar Convoy

supercarsA different gathering.

Photo: via YouTube

If you have a supercar, two of the most annoying aspects of ownership have to be speed limits and traffic.But what if there was a way to get rid of both at once?

It seems that late last month, a convoy of supercars on New Jersey’s Garden State Parkway received a police escort from NJ State Troopers at speeds exceeding 100 MPH, according to Hooniverse.

Allegedly, the patrol vehicles had their lights flashing while all the cars in the convoy had tape over the licence plates.

And now, NJ is taking action. According to The Philadelphia Inquirer, two state troopers, one who is a 25-year vet of the force, have been suspended for taking part in the dangerous convoy.

Other officers might think twice about doing the same service for supercar owners in the future.

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