Two More Places We'd Like To See Twitter

Now that we’re hooked on Twitter, we keep running across places in life where instant access to the messaging/microblogging service makes sense. No doubt Twitter’s bizdev phones are ringing off the hook, but here’s two places we’d love to hook into Twitter:

On TV. During last night’s Bulls-Celtics game, we kept craning our necks to read tweets about the game on our laptop screen or refreshing Tweetie on our iPhone. Those are simple and adequate methods that already exist and will probably be the best solutions for most people for several years. But it’d be cool if it were also on our TV, so we could focus our attention on the big screen.

Yahoo has a Twitter app in its TV widget platform, but so far, that’s only being built in to a tiny handful of new, higher-end TVs. (Here’s a peek at one from Samsung.) And one nice feature Yahoo — to our knowledge — can’t provide: Only filtering in tweets from people watching the same show at the same time. That’s somewhere that cable companies might be able to help, but the roadblock there is that cable companies are ages behind in improving their user interfaces and set-top box software. So we’re not optimistic they’ll be able to help. Perhaps as the “Tru2Way” system rolls out over the next several years.

On domain registration sites. We registered a few domains last weekend. Immediately after, we picked up the Twitter names for those domains. It’d be cool if Twitter and GoDaddy (or another registrar) linked up so you could do that automatically.

  • See if the domain you’re searching for has the same Twitter name available.
  • Get them both in the same place.

The problem is that Twitter, GoDaddy, or both companies will probably want to make money from something like this. Perhaps a $1 convenience charge, split between the companies? Or something similar? Twitter might be happy just to keep getting users, but these probably aren’t the kinds of users that Twitter necessarily wants — people who have now claimed a user ID but won’t necessarily use it to send out or read tweets any time soon. (Twitter investors have said that “tweet views” is the main metric Twitter really cares about right now.)

Any other ideas?

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