London Machete Attack Suspects Known To Police, Two More People Arrested

Woolwich Machete Attack

Britain’s Counter Terrorism Command has announced two more people have been arrested in connection to yesterday’s attack in Woolwich, London that saw a young soldier murdered.

According to the Metropolitan Police’s Twitter account, a man and a woman, both 29 years old, were arrested today.

Both were arrested at residential addresses (it is not clear if it was the same address) and are charged with suspicion of conspiracy to murder.

These arrests are in addition to the two men shot by police at the scene of the crime, who are now under arrest while in hospital.

Meanwhile, media reports have said both the suspects were known to British security services.

According to ABC News, sources told the BBC that reports the men had featured in “several investigations” in recent years, but were not deemed to be planning an attack, “were not inaccurate”.

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